All our car is maintained by our professional foreman to ensure it is in tip top condition. Feel free to decide which car suit you the most and get in touch with our sales rep for detail explaining on the leasing procedure.

Compact  RM400/ weekly

Bigger is not always better, especially when it comes to the type of vehicle you drive.

This car is one of the most popular car used in e-hailing services such as Grab or Uber due to flexible small size vehicle and low fuel consumption. The range for this car would be Perodua Axia or Perodua Viva. However, Perodua Viva is not eligible to be Grab driver.

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Medium size  RM450/ weekly

Giving you better riding confidence and more stability compare to compact size vehicle.

This range size of car is very commonly use for e-hailing services as well. A lot of Grab and Uber driver are investing or using this car as medium size car range is more secure size compare to the compact size.

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MPV  RM550/ weekly

A many family-friendly extras vehicles.

MPV size car range is popular among the large size family. Some car rental is leasing this type of vehicle for both usage where they are more suitable for airport ride and at the same time can be their family car. This type of car is highly considered a best investment choice if you met both needs as mentioned earlier. Besides that, if you are tourist with small number of members or family, this size of car is suitable for you.

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Premium  RM900/ weekly

A comfortable and prestige car where it is matter to you.

This is a segment D range size of car. Car brand which are belong to this range would be Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Mazda 6, etc. You may want to chose this car for your official function where highest prestige is your concern.

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